10 Remarkable Similarities Between Ancient Civilizations

There are many reasons why ancient history should be re-written.

In this top list we display ten remarkable similarities that clearly offer proof prehistoric civilizations shared a universal scientific and technological knowledge.

Mystery Of Ancient Metal Clamps – Advanced Lost Technology Modern Science Still Cannot Explain


Ancient metal clamps discovered on megaliths, temples and other prehistoric monuments worldwide are one of the greatest unsolved ancient mysteries of all time. Why would the builders use or need a small metal clamp to hold large stone blocks in place? How did this technology spread to ancient Egypt, Pre-Columbian Peru and Cambodia thousands of years ago? These countries are separated by thousands of miles. Who taught our ancestors how to use this technology?

The use of metal clamps in T-Grooves has been discovered in Tiahuanaco, Ollantaytambo, Koricancha and the site of Yuroc Rumi, Vilcabamba. These clamps were also used on the Parthenon, on buildings in Mesopotamia, Egypt and Cambodia.

Some scientists have suggested the clamps were for ceremonial use. Other researchers point out that ancient metal clamps served for keeping the blocks together, so they would harden out in the right position. Several imprints show that metal clamps intended to join huge blocks of stone that our modern machines cannot lift.

2. Pyramids Were Built For Unknown Purpose That We Are Not Able To Explain


Most people think of Egypt when the word “pyramid” is mentioned. Although the Egyptian pyramids are today most well-known and keep attracting tourists, we must not forget that pyramids were built worldwide in ancient times.

Despite the claim that the pyramid was a tomb, a number of Egyptologists do recognize that the intent of the pyramid still remains a mystery. Some of the investigated pyramids are astronomically aligned, while others reveal strange energy properties. The truth is that the purpose of constructing pyramids is still unknown.

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