2.8 Billion Years Old Alien Spheres

There are many unexplained objects in the world but the artifacts known as Klerksdorp spheres are some of the oldest. During the past decades, South American miners have been uncovering them from copper mines.


Metalworking certainly isn’t that new and people have been making metal spheres for ages. But these strange ones have been found in Pre-Cambrian deposits, some as old as 2.8 billion years. That’s way before dinosaurs or any multicellular life for that matter. Life more complex than single-celled proto-bacteria only appeared some 580 million years ago.

The spheres range between 0.5 to 4 inches diameter and were found in pyrophyllite deposits. Pyrophyllite is a soft mineral that could not have formed the artifacts, some of which are almost perfect spheres. They are also very hard to scratch. Some believe the spheres to be of artificial origins.

They seem to be made from two different materials. One type of sphere is made out of a solid bluish metal and others are hollowed out and contain a spongy substance that has not been identified yet.


The study of geologic layers has proven that oxygen only became abundant around a billion years ago. If the spheres were made by intelligent beings, they must have been very different and there is no fossil record of them.

Another theory is that they must have been left behind by extraterrestrial beings that had some activity on or around Earth all that time ago. Although not verified, some said that the spheres are so well balanced that they had to be made in zero gravity.

There are a number of theories floating around these mysterious objects. Some have suggested that they might be art or some form of talismans while others pointed to currency or ammunition. It has even been said they’re physical signals or part of an ancient surveillance system.

Their mystery is as unsolved today as it was when they were first discovered. We will undoubtedly find out their secrets as science advances and new investigation techniques are developed. For now, speculation is the rule.

Ragnar Larsen


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