5 Of The Strangest Skulls Ever Discovered

Although many archaeologists are confident that a great deal about our past has been uncovered, we’ve really just barely scratched the surface. The Earth holds countless untold secrets and amazing discoveries such as these 5 incredibly intriguing skulls.

The Horned Human Skulls

5 Strangest Skulls Ever Discovered Horned Skull
The Horned Skull

These unusual skulls were turned up during the excavation of a burial mound in Bradford County, Pennsylvania in the late 1800s. The three researchers overseeing the dig were stumped when the burial mound revealed what looked like demon skulls rather than 13th century Native American remains.

Research shows that the horns on their forehead served as a symbol of wisdom and rulership. This is why shamans, priests, and kings adopted the convention of wearing horns, especially in the form of a crown. Besides the horns growing out of the foreheads, the skeletons had another intriguing feature.. They were seven feet tall!

Could these skeletons be the remains of an ancient race of giants that inhabited North America thousands of years ago? Some have drawn parallels between this discovery and the mysterious Mound Builder civilization from prehistoric times. A number of megalithic structures have been attributed to this elusive civilization and some researchers claim evidence points toward the Shining Ones or Nephilim.

The remains were sent to the Philadelphia Museum and have since disappeared, eliminating the possibility of a thorough analysis.

The Paracas Skulls

5 Strangest Skulls Ever Discovered Paracas
The Paracas Skull

These strangely-shaped skulls have been causing quite a stir since their discovery in 1928. The 300+ skulls have been dated at over 3,000 years old and some researchers believe this discovery warrants a change in the accepted anthropological paradigms.

Many cultures practiced head binding in order to achieve an elongated head. A very young child’s skull is pliant at birth, and remains in this way for months. It is therefore possible, by wrapping a rope around the head, with a board placed at the back of the skull, and perhaps the front as well, to alter the shape of the head over time. Examples of this technique have been found in Europe.

But how can we explain the fact that the Paracas skulls are 25% larger and 60% heavier than regular human skulls?

To suggest that the natural elongation was the result of hydrocephaly or some other clinical condition is ridiculous, when this would tend to make the skull expand evenly, making them more round than elongated.

In an attempt to shed some light on this mystery, a series of DNA tests were arranged by the Director of the Paracas Museum of History. Samples of skin, hair, teeth and bone fragments were sent to a genetic laboratory for analysis and the results were amazing.

As it turns out, the skulls belonged to a very distant relative of Homo sapiens. The mitochondrial DNA presented mutations that were never found in any other human beings.

Starchild: A Hybrid between Humans and Grey Aliens?

5 of the Strangest Skulls Ever Discovered Starchild
Starchild: A Hybrid between Humans and Gray Aliens?

This skull was discovered in a mine near Chihuahua, Mexico in the 1930s. It remained in the family of the digger and was regarded as a sacred curiosity.

In 1999, paranormalist Lloyd Pye got a chance to examine the skull, claiming that it was evidence of interbreeding between humans and aliens. Pye called it the Starchild Skull, believing his mother had been a human female while his father had originated somewhere between the stars.

The skull belonged to a five year old boy who died almost a thousand years ago. Some researchers suggested that the skull is deformed due to a condition called hydrocephalus but Pye claims DNA analysis showed no evidence for this affliction. The same DNA testing also revealed so many genetic differences between Starchild and regular humans that he could be considered a totally different entity. His cranial cavity is 30 percent larger than that of a normal child.

Despite being much thinner, the skull bones are actually stronger, due to the presence of unusual microscopic fibers in its structure, a feature not seen in normal human skulls.

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Ragnar Larsen


  1. This is a scull of a person with severe deformity, not an alien. But is often shown, and many gullible people believe it is alien. It is important to ask questions, and you did it. Many people just take in whatever someone tell them, somehting they think is sensational enough, without examining the evidence.

  2. It is not alien. It is a scull of someone with severe deformity.
    But I am sure the author of this article can not take it and will delete this comment, again.

  3. Crystal sculls: People can be sugestible, specially those were marketed by greedy dealer and “discoverers” as having special powers. However doubst about them being fake started c. in the 30 last century. Today we see through modern technology that the tool marks are done by 19c. tools, etc.

    Cranial deformities of elongated sculls are not unusual, this i known i anthropology, and not only, it is artificial cranial deformation.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_cranial_deformation

    Other two are deformations people were born with it. Here is what might cause this condition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starchild_skull

    “Horns” are rare case of certain skin cancer, the “horns” are not part of the scull, even though they may look like. http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corno_cutaneo shows two examples.

    And here is a list of other scull hoaxes. http://listverse.com/2012/02/26/top-10-skull-hoaxes/

  4. Don’t expect any answer sugesting that this scull is other than an alien not to be censored by locklip! Locklip censors any comments which contradicts anything written in the article. Normally proper moderation involves trolling, abusive language itp. how it should be, but here you become an heretic when you write “no, it is not a alien, it is a scull with deformity.” LOL!!!! No freedom of speech, or opinion here.

  5. @youStoopid: you can believe anything you want, if you are immune against knowledge and science. Which is strange in today’s world, but well… Even during Renaissance and later, in spite of spread of science, so many people believed in witches. Because what is irrational is easier to grasp than the rational. It doesn’t require thinking, simple “nah” plus belief is enough.

  6. Hi stoical. I agree with you mainly but the Paracas skulls have no cranial cojoining. Humans have 3 plates 2 of which (left and right hemisphere) join after birth, enabling us to be born in the first place as the baby’s head changes shape to exist the womb. These skulls do not have these plates at all, suggesting the skulls were formed as one mass. They exhibit only a frontal and back plate. They may not be from another star system (this article doesn’t appear to suggest it either) but they are alien in the true sense of the word because they exhibit significant physiological differences that compare markedly differently to other head bound skulls that we can compare. They are not human in our understanding of human physiology from a purely anatomical level. Eye sockets are also larger, jaw is stronger and thicker to support head weight and nerve holes (similar to human nerve holes found in the jaw to feed blood supply) are found in the head of these skulls. As humans we don’t like it when we cannot explain such anomalies but unless we have proof of what indeed these skulls are, we should remain open minded.

  7. Come on The Elephant Man had major deformities of his skull and no one would have thought he was a Alien

  8. Well that first skull looks like a movie prop from like one of the Riddick movies

  9. I agree completely. with you Cat. The science in America is stagnated by the fact that they do not have answers for these very real and intriguing discoveries. The “Debunkers are as stupid as the believers in most respects as they find any reason acceptable to debunk before any actual research is done.

  10. All information and misinformation. Believe… don’t.

    Who among us ever gets first hand look/experience/study of any of this stuff anyways?

    Hardly anyone.

    (And those with the power and money that CAN/DO/HAVE been able to examine more than a single piece of the whole “puzzle” first-hand… not so sure I fully trust those folks.)

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