500 Year Old Chinese Manuscript Describes Alien Abduction


A Chinese manuscript uncovered in 2011 detailed a very unusual event: an alien abduction. According to the text, in 1528, a strange star traversed the sky from east to west. It descended and landed near a village in the mountains. Intrigued by the event, a stonemason approached the object. He described it as being shaped like a grinding wheel as big as a house, covered in brilliant colors.

He was brought inside the object by two human-looking beings who spoke to him in a language he could not understand. Once inside, the two humanoids placed him on a table and took his heart out to examine it. The stonemason said he did not bleed nor did he feel any pain. He then fell asleep.chinese manuscript

He was awaken in a cold, strange land with a red hue. Although the sun, moon and stars were still present, there were no buildings and the people had round faces and three eyes. They wore strange clothing and spoke a strange language. He then lost his consciousness.

When he came back to his senses, he found himself back home only to learn he had been gone for a whole year.

The author of the text writes that when he heard of this tale, he went to see the stonemason. He had a red scar on his chest and swore the account was real.

If this text is authentic, we have yet another ancient depiction of alien abduction, telepathy and missing time.

Ragnar Larsen

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