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Ruins of an Ancient City


Editor’s note: The following story is amazing and should be shared with everyone you know! The U.S. Government has been complicit in many cover ups, but this is by far one of the most compelling accounts. Whatever you think you knew about this story, is about to get blow open… 


What do you get when you mix ancient pyramids discovered in Antarctica, with a map of Antarctica that’s been around since long before Christ that depicts Antarctica under the ice sheet to perfection, with tales of mythical giants who carved out giant caverns millennia ago all the way to the Island of Malta allegedly using modern technology, and then fuze what we’ve heard about the ancient past with what is known about the more recent obsession of Hitler’s Nazi’s with the Antarctic during World War II, and why not include The United States Navy Antarctic Developments Program and Operation Highjump that put nearly 5000 U.S. military personnel along with every resource available to the Navy’s disposal in the hands of Admiral Richard Byrd, the Operations Leader of the U.S. Naval mission into the Antarctic. 

It’s got the making of an INSANELY awesome story don’t you think? Think about that for a moment and let it sink in. Every resource in the ENTIRE U.S. Navy was made readily available for Admiral Byrd’s team’s use… in the Antarctic… IMMEDIATELY after World War II. The continental U.S. was left naked defensively for whatever the heck Admiral Byrd’s team found in Antarctic, but what could it have been? We haven’t even started yet! Many of you may think you know this story. Heck, I did a piece on a VERY similar story not long ago titled, What the U.S. Government Found, Then Covered Up, in Antarctica Will Blow Your Mind, but this elevator goes ALL the way to the bottom floor… This might very well go back to the days of Atlantis!!!!


The body of land in the map labeled Antilla and circled in red is said to have been the actual Atlantis, but today it is deep under the ocean’s surface. When you stop and consider that one of the Oldest Maps on Earth shows the Antarctic continent back when it did not have ice, things begin to get VERY strange. You see, it’s been over 30 million years by most estimates since the continent was not covered in ice, and since modern man wasn’t around until millions of years later, that begs the question: WHERE DID THE MAP COME FROM? First, the map is real. Even Einstein examined it. That has never been in question. SO… where does that leave us? Needless to say, modern “science” or “academia” don’t say a word, because they know their explanations are nonsensical. 

  1. Were there flying machines with ground penetrating radar 2000 years ago?
  2. was there an ancient civilization here before mankind, as SO MANY have proposed? Regardless of whether the civilization was the biblical Nephilim, OR some other worldly civilization, where did they come from, where did they go, or are they still here perhaps?

I think you’ll find the video below about the Piri Reis map amazing. If you’re anything like me, you blood will begin to boil though, wondering why modern “science” and “academia” seem content to buy these moronic explanations for so many mysteries. It’s well known the elites have infected education. Here in America the liberal agenda is front and center in the classrooms, but that’s a product of US law. What I have not been able to understand, is how the same nonsensical lies have managed to survive across national boundaries, even though we KNOW they are false, yet they continue on in places of higher learning. First, the map:

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