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Statue Of King Amenhotep III Accidently Recovered


A black granite statue of King Amenhotep III was found by chance in a residential house in Al-Nakhl village in Edfu, Aswan.

In collaboration with Edfu police, Egypt’s antiquities ministry has succeeded in recovering a black granite colossus of the 18th Dynasty King Amenhotep III.


Engravings on the backside of the statue. Credits: Ministry of Antiquities

He went on to say that after inspecting the statue the ministry’s archaeological committee verified its authenticity.

Minister of Antiquities Mamdouh Eldamaty told Ahram Online that the statue was found by chance when Edfu police entered a residential house in the Upper Egypt village of Al-Nakhl in Edfu, Aswan, to catch red-handed weapons and drugs traders,’ reports Ahram Online.


The recovered statue of of King Amenhotep III. Credits: Ministry of Antiquities

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