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Alleged Immortals Currently Walking the Earth



Count of St. Germain

The mysterious origins of the highly educated and wealthy 18th-century European aristocrat known as the Count of St. Germain were a source of intense speculation during the Age of Enlightenment. When pressed, the Count would claim to be over 500-years-old and, according to sources, his vast knowledge and range of expertise didn’t do much to discredit the idea. Voltaire didn’t buy it, and neither do most historians, but some believe the Count of St. Germain continues to live to this day.


Dmitry Itskov

Modern efforts to achieve immortality are increasingly entering a cybernetic approach. Proponents of this kind of immortality see the precision and long-lasting potential of digital data and wish to transfer biologically vulnerable human neural data into this format. Easier said than done, but billionaire Dmitry Itskov claims he’s already making great strides in implementing cyber-immortality, believing himself on track to become the first proven immortal by 2045.


The desire to live forever has been an objective of human exploration, religion, and science for thousands of years. As far as most people are concerned the elixir of eternal life remains an unreached goal. Some hold out hope for immortality within their otherwise limited lifetime – others are believed to have already reached it.

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