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Breaking! Prime Creator Confirms Disclosure Process


Breaking! Prime Creator Confirms Disclosure Process, “Yes There Will Be Announcements On TV”! It Will Be a Different Experience for Believers and Non-Believers

There is no more accurate news source than Prime Creator… no one’s ego… no human… no non-human… no artificial intelligence…

Some notes from Prime Creator channeling:

Prime Creator talks about the disclosure process, at about the 17:00 mark.

Will everyone experience galactic disclosure?

All souls are being prepared, some souls are ready, and others are not.

Many will experience meeting their soul brothers and sisters… those who are not ready will not experience this immediately.

“Yes there will be announcements on TV”.

Prime Creator says the TV announcements will be seen by believers and non-believers.

Non-believers will hear these announcements but are not ready…  they will feel like it is a dream, it will not register fully and completely… they may experience disorientation, disclosure will provide initial energies required to meet our star brothers and sisters, but they will not see them right away, as others will.

Each soul is on its own timeline for the receiving of these energies, as truth.


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