The Very Mysterious Death of Justice Antonin Scalia

Something is very wrong with the shocking death of the most conservative jurist of the SCOTUS

State of the Nation

SOTN Editor’s Note:
Truly, there is something is very wrong with the state of the nation when the death of an elder statesman immediately produces headlines suggesting the distinct possibility of murder and assassination.

It used to be that when a real VIP passed away they were lovingly remembered, even by their enemies … sometimes even by their worst enemies.

Nowadays, when someone BIG dies unexpectedly the suspicion of murder is on everyone’s mind.  Particularly since the Obama Administration has so polarized the body politic along every line of division they could politically exploit, do the suspicions run extremely high. The trust level toward a U.S. President has never been so low and so justified.scalia-obit

There are many curious circumstances surrounding the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.  We’re not talking about the actual  death at the fastidiously controlled hotel scene. We’re talking about the many important cases currently in front of the Supreme Court that will literally decide the fate of Obama’s legacy.

Clearly, Justice Scalia’s strong constitutional positions would dictate the direction of the SCOTUS where it concerned many of those most significant rulings that would undermine Obama’s signature pieces of legislation.  Justice Scalia was a staunch defender of the U.S. Constitution and therefore Obama’s greatest political enemy.  There is not even a close second anywhere in American government, especially since the House and Senate now routinely advocate for Obama’s agenda.

What’s the real point?  The following headlines capture just a few of those sentiments which are being now expressed by pundits and politicos alike across the entire political spectrum. There is a very serious belief that Justice Scalia was murdered by stealth while staying at the luxury resort in Marfa, Texas.

It is a fact that the owner of the Cibolo Creek Ranch is John Poindexter, a loyal donor to the Democratic Party and recipient of the Presidential Unit Citation from President Obama in 2009.  As follows from the usually biased WashPo:

Poindexter has occasionally made political donations to Democrats, according to the Federal Election Commission. Beneficiaries of his wealth included former representatives Ciro Rodriguez (D-Tex.) and Pete Gallego (D-Tex.), the latter of whom was defeated by Rep. Will Hurd (R-Tex.) in 2014.

In 2009, President Obama presented a Presidential Unit Citation, the highest military honor for a U.S. military unit, to a force commanded by Poindexter in Vietnam. The award was made for the unit’s “extraordinary heroism” in rescuing more than 70 soldiers from a North Vietnamese force in March 1970, the New York Times reported

SOTN recently posted an article about the mysterious death of Peter Finch (while in his hotel) who starred in the epic film NETWORK.  What follows is the relevant excerpt from that article.

If ever there was a conspiracy theory it is the one that postulates that Peter Finch, also known as the now world-famous Howard Beale from the academy award-winning movie NETWORK, was murdered by way of a ‘heart attack’ while he was on a promotional tour of the same film.  After all, just how many times have we seen the very famous and/or quite important people getting killed or framed in fancy hotels in places like LA or NYC?!

The bottom line here is that the Obama Administration has proven itself to be as murderous and treasonous as any in U.S. history.  Citizens on both extremes and in the middle of the political spectrum have come to realize that the U.S. Federal Government places no value on human life.  That Obama is well known as the Drone Ranger is a testament to this indisputable fact.  That the Noble Peace Prize Committee has expressed their grave misgivings about Obama’s prize is also quite telling.

When a POTUS will so recklessly kills foreigners by way of drone missiles fired at wedding parties and funerals, after unlawfully approving such extrajudicial assassinations, what won’t he do?  Especially when the murdered families are disrespectfully called collateral damage.

When the same POTUS will arm and support terrorist groups like ISIS, the al-Nusra Front and other offshoots of al-Qaeda which routinely slaughter Christians in their hometowns, what is beyond him?

When the POTUS creates the blackop environment via the NDAA for false flag mass shootings to be perpetrated across the USA as a means of generating propaganda to strip Americans of their Second Amendment right to bear arms, what else would be expected?

Yes, it’s quite unfortunate but everything does point to the deliberate murder of Justice Scalia.  What follows are two more scathing and telling commentaries which, when considered together, make an extremely compelling case for such a premeditated political assassination.

State of the Nation
February 14, 2016

N.B.  The headline below further represents just how far the American people are from their government.  Not only was there a rush to prematurely publicize Justice Scalia’s cause of death — “Natural Causes”, of course — the demand for an objective autopsy has now becomes the clarion call for conservatives across the land.
How then did this (see the following link) ever happen except by purposeful design and deliberate coverup?!



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