7 Crazy Conspiracies About the Ebola Crisis

Given the recent media frenzy, there’s no need for us to give the synopsis of Ebola crisis. While half of the planet gets needlessly scared by the news, people from the other half spend their time believing conspiracy theories. Here are some of the most outrageous conspiracy theories linked to Ebola.

It’s God’s Wrath


Earlier this year, Liberia hosted a meeting between African Christian leaders. They debated the subject of the Ebola crisis and after a day of deliberation the verdict was that Ebola is a plague sent by God. His anger stemmed from the existence of homosexuality, adultery, fornication and violence. They recommended three days of fasting and prayer.

It’s Witchcraft

Parts of West Africa believe Ebola is the product of witchcraft and they treat it as such. They do not seek medical help because they see Ebola as the work of supernatural forces. Some try to combat it through more witchcraft and they seek protection in mysticism.

It’s Made By America


This isn’t the first time tragedy has been blamed on the machinations of the United States. People will accept the weirdest explanations sometimes if they manage to fit them into their belief system. Most of the times these accusations come from outside the US, but there are a few voices inside as well. Liberian newspaper Daily Observer published a letter from Delaware State University professor Cyril Broderick in which he accused the US Government of manufacturing and distributing the Ebola virus through vaccines. Delaware University did not back his claims up but he managed to gain approval in conspiracy circles.

It’s the Product of Demonic Worship

Many unfounded rumors have originated on 4Chan. A Nigerian website considered it a solid source and wrote about the existence of European cults that worshipped Ebola-Chan as a goddess.

Ebola-Chan. Really?

This anime nurse has altars all around Europe and her acolytes gather to perform blood sacrifices in her name. They manage to please Ebola-Chan and she shows her favor by spreading the disease in Africa. Despite this theory being obviously fabricated, some websites have cited this story on and on.

Doctors Spread It

We can all agree that Doctors Without Borders deserve our appreciation. Not all of us would feel comfortable putting ourselves in danger in order to help human beings in need. But in some villages, they have to face rejection and even violence. Oftentimes, doctors have found themselves threatened by angry villagers who think the doctors are actively spreading the virus. This belief prevents sick people from getting treatment, effectively getting killed by ignorance.

It Doesn’t Even Exist

Spoiler: it does.

People in Sierra Leone have a negative view on hospitals and healthcare. They prefer traditional healing methods that obviously have no effect on the Ebola virus. When a former nurse stated that the virus doesn’t exist and it was all a diversion in order to perform cannibalistic rituals on patients, things got really inflated. The situation was already tense since Sierra Leone had the highest death toll at the time. Violence ensued and health organizations had to cease their activity. The crowds threatened to burn clinics and hospitals and they had to be kept at bay with tear gas.

It’s Part of the New World Order’s Plans

This is probably the strangest and the strongest theory. There are multiple conspiracy theories revolving around the NWO and while some are grasping at straws, others manage to be quite convincing. Since it’s reasonable to believe that the world is controlled by small group of very powerful people (reptilians, according to some) and the Earth is facing overpopulation, some have connected the dots and came up with this theory.

According to it, the optimum number of people living on Earth is around 2 billion people, give or take. In order to drop down to this target, the NWO employs famine, war and engineered disease. They started with Africa but the rest of the world is next. Let’s hope they’re wrong.

Take your pick.

Ragnar Larsen

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  1. I read somewhere that some people try treating it by drinking seawater. Sheesh, you only treat fish with that.

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