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Humans Among US!!




The descriptions of “aliens”, as being grey-skinned, thin-bodied, big-headed beings definitely don’t sound human. But I believe it’s human enough.

Since most abduction claims involve medical experiments, one would imagine that everything on board the ship would be sterile. Also, human travelers from the future would most likely not want to expose modern-day humans to potential viruses from the future, as well as they themselves not wanting to put themselves at risk with all of our germs.

If you traveled back in time to Europe during the days of the black plague, how long do you think you, with your twentieth-century immune system, would survive?
The “alien” appearance of these time travelers may simply be contamination suits. Modern-day suits are particularly bulky, but they may evolve to be more form fitting over time as new materials are invented. The funny shaped head could just be a mask or helmet. The bulkiness of that could be attributed to some sort of virtual reality system built into those large, black view-ports that allow the “aliens” to perform medical procedure with the aid of a computer.

Interestingly enough, the movie “Fire In The Sky”, which was based on a true story (supposedly), involved an abducted individual who woke up on the alien ship, and discovered space suits that looked just like those “grey” aliens. If any of this is true, it lends credence to my hypothesis.

The reports that aliens speak without moving their mouths (generally believed to be telepathy, of which I am skeptical) may simply be a speaker system between the human’s head and helmet. Also, keep in mind that aliens didn’t always have an “alien” appearance.

Until the popular “grey” alien concept emerged into society’s consciousness, the UFOs of yesteryear often had human occupants. During the airship flap of the last few decades of the nineteenth century, several airship sightings were reported containing individuals who appeared to be, and claimed to be humans. If we are to take these reports as anything but a hoax, we must be willing to accept that these might have been time travelers from the future, having fun with some of the locals of that era.


Most of these airship sightings took place in the United States, which is important to my hypothesis later on.

Why are extraterrestrials traveling vast distances so that they can covertly abduct human beings and produce bizarre crossbreeding experiments?


If they have such a disregard for human life, why not just conquer and cage us for use later? Why would they bother forming pacts with the American government for the permission to abduct its citizens?

Now, the answers to the last two questions are generally given as follows: A UFO crashes and is retrieved by the military. The aliens, knowing that their secret is out agree to supply the military with alien technology provided that the military look the other way when they do their abductions and keep their mouths shut.

I find problems with that answer immediately. If the aliens can just “turn off” people (as is reported during abductions),

  • Why not just turn off all the military personnel, retrieve their crashed ship, and continue the experiments?


  • Why not make everyone in the military that knows the truth forget about it, just like they seem to make abductees forget about their experience?

If their goal is to do their work without interfering with the natural evolution of our planet, then they screwed up royally.


For starters, they have to give technology to the leaders of the planet (if you follow that hypothesis). Secondly, their methods of making people forget is faulty; people remember their abductions, and as a result, our very culture has been irrevocably changed by their presence.

Now, if these “aliens” are time traveling humans, things make a little more sense. Humans have a romantic fascination with doing things covertly, and I imagine that it will not change in the future, thus, the “alien” need for secrecy, etc.

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