The Founders – Life Designers of the Multiverse

The Pleiadians call them The Game Masters; other names for them are,

  • the Life Designers
  • the Founders
  • the Kadištu
  • the Original Planners,

…and many, many more.

As we already discussed, I have chosen, and stuck to, certain terms for certain types of Creator Gods to make it less confusing. In Sumerian language, and if we trace it back even further, Aryan language, they are called the Kadištu, a word we decomposed in the previous paper, and which is used frequently in Anton Parks‘ trilogy, The Chronicles of the Gírkù. [9]

I will mostly call them Founders, however, because this is a word more commonly used in these modern times.

I am aware of that some call them the Elohim as well, equivalent to Sitchin’s ‘Anunnaki’, or Sirians, which is who they really are, and Elohim is the term designated to them in the Bible as well.

However, I want to make sure the reader understands that the Elohim are only one race of Founders, and not exchangeable with the term Founder or Kadištu itself. Therefore, I am very reluctant to using the term Elohim.

The Pleiadians, in Marciniak’s book, ‘Earth – Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library’ are in accordance with LPG-C when speaking about ontoenergetics [def], that the Founders are formless (soul-like), but can overlay and infuse themselves in many shapes and forms, and they are boundless shapeshifters, moving beyond sound and geometry (as we shall see later on, shapeshifting is as common in the Multiverse as eating is for us; not a big deal.

We humans can do it easily when we understand how to).

The Founders first create in their minds the entire blueprint for the entire evolution of a targeted planet and then seeding starts by directing meteors and other heavenly bodies containing seeds of life in form of bacteria and viruses etc. towards the planet, and the desired evolution will begin, all in simple terms.

Then, let’s say they are creating one or more intelligent life forms on that particular planet and cultures and civilizations arise and fall, they then can, if they so wish, open up portals to literally insert cultures into the planes of the targeted planet. [10] But not only that; when a blueprint of a civilization or culture is made, Founders can manifest variations of this blueprint in different realities.

In the book, the Pleiadians make up an analogy with capes. It’s like when someone makes a blueprint of a cape, it is then manifested in ‘reality’ in that particular shape and form. But then the creator of these capes notices that there is a demand of variations of that cape, so he or she creates those variations and manifests them, too.

So when the Kadištu creates one culture, variations of that cultures, including variations of its languages, are also inserted and anchored into other realms.

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