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Contactees boast of their special relationship with STO (Service-to-Others) aliens.

Abductees claim that they are forcefully taken, then physically and psychologically abused by STS (Service-to-Self) aliens. Milabs (military abduct-tees) receive similar treatments from black project personnel.

Specialists tell us that millions of humans are presently involved in such programs, whether they know it or not and want it or not.

I have met many of them throughout the 44 years that I have researched this subject and I know fully well that the phenomenon is real – and a crucial chapter of humanity’s history.


what can be truly called ‘real’? In fact, we live in a world of illusion where nothing we see, hear, or feel is true.

Our experiences are totally deformed by our three ego-governed bodies:

  1. The mental body with its false belief systems and distorted thoughts
  2. The vital (astral, emotional) body with its desires, yearnings, passions, and lusts
  3. The physical body with its animal needs and atavistic [1] habits

Nowadays, the new item on the long list of abductee complaints is soul abduction.

After being taken from bed to an underground lab or a spaceship, a ‘victim’ is put on a table and plugged to a special black box. With the use of advanced technologies and rituals, a reptilian entity – called a demon by those with a more religious mindset – is inserted into them.

In the pre-technological days, this would have been called demonic possession. The scenarios can be more elaborate still.

What some people call a human ‘soul’ can be pulled out of a body and transferred to one of the following:

  1. A look-alike clone with super-human abilities
  2. Another human
  3. A human-alien hybrid (hubrid)
  4. An alien

The possibilities are endless. In some New Age circles, temporarily-possessed individuals have been presented in a positive light and fashionably called channelers.

Even more mystically glamorous are walk-ins, who are actually fully-possessed humans.

Now, I am not suggesting that such scenarios are all lies. Au contraire, it is as real as it gets!

The sudden disappearance of a person, their subsequent personality changes, the physical marks, the missing time, the implanted microchips, poltergeist phenomena, and many more obvious confirmations prove that something very dramatic did take place and, in many instances, keeps taking place over and over.

The main problem is that we are missing some crucial information and this stops us from fully understanding the phenomenon of abductions. And with understanding comes power – the power to change things.

Let us look at the phenomenon in a different light.

Our present knowledge of Homo sapiens – its history, physiology, and psychology – comes from Western thinking and linear-time scientific research and experimentation.

Yet, we shun or consider as passé thousands of years of advanced studies in human consciousness that have accumulated in Asian countries, especially India.

My preferred researchers on the subject, by far, are,

  • Aurobindo (Ghose)
  • The Mother (Mirra Alfassa)

To their vision of humanity, I will add that of Personocratia, in order to see abductions with a new mindset.


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