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A Historical Search: The Iron Mask


One of the most mysterious topics in history is the identity of the man in the iron mask

However, it is no longer a mystery as recently Paul Sonnino, a professor of history at UC Santa Barbara, claims he has figured the 350-year-old mystery out.


Full evidence and documents were presented in his latest book “The Search for the Man in the Iron Mask: A Historical Detective Story” which reveals the truth behind this mystery.

The commonly known story which was acknowledged by historians is that the man in the mask was the twin brother of Louis XIV and his name was Eustache Dauger.

The historians were also convinced that the man was a valet, but what they have not been able to conclude whose valet he was and for what can be the reason he was held under tight security for over 30 years.

In fact, Dauger was actually the valet of the treasurer of the late Cardinal Mazarin, who was the principal minister of France during Louis XIV’s childhood and youth, and who collected a huge fortune, some of which he even passed on to the king himself, according to researchers.

Yet, Paul Sonnino’s research regarding the identity of the man in the iron mask came with different results.

This research gives an absolute explanation for an enduring puzzle that confused historians for centuries and seduced novelists and filmmakers to this day. Who was the man who was rumored to have been kept in prison and treated royally during much of the reign of Louis XIV while being forced to wear an iron mask? Could he possibly have been the twin brother of the Sun King? Similar to every other serious scholar, Sonnino excludes this theory, instead he takes the reader along on his adventures to uncover the truth behind this ancient mystery. Exploring the hidden side of the lavish court of France, the author reveals the full truth of French society, starting from humble servants and reaching wealthy merchants in addition to kings and queens. All had personal interests which were a reason to hold their secrets close until one humble valet named Eustache Dauger was arrested and jailed for hundreds of years, simply because he knew too much and opened his mouth at the wrong time. After he presented his dramatic solution to the mystery, Sonnino convincingly proved that no one will be able to tell the story of the man in the iron mask without taking into account the staggering array of evidence he has uncovered over the course of decades.

“What I was able to determine,” Sonnino says, “was that Mazarin had ripped off some of his huge fortune from the previous king and queen of England, and that Eustache was arrested years later just as Louis XIV was trying to con their son, the present king of England, into joining him in a war.

Dauger must have blabbed at the wrong time.  He was informed when arrested that if he revealed his identity to anyone he would immediately be killed.”

When he was asked why the identity of the prisoner was kept as a secret, Sonnino replied that this is the problem with all history.

“Historians insist on making it antiseptic, moralistic, sensible. Life does not make sense. Humans are much more complicated than that.”

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