A Notorious UFO Hot spot… BEWARE!

Dog walkers have reported their beloved pets becoming ill after being walked in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, the scene of a mysterious mass UFO hotspot in 1980 where flying saucers are still reportedly seen.

US military personal based at RAF Woodbridge, next to the forest, reported a series of unexplained lights and even a UFO landing in the forest over the Christmas period.

Bizarre UFOs were also seen by residents of the village and the unexplained case remains one of the UK’s most perplexing with the forest regularly visited by alien hunters.

It is not the first time the UFO mystery at Rendlesham has been linked to unexplained sickness.

The servicemen who “saw the craft land” have since received a payout after being “affected by radiation”.

Now there have reportedly been numerous cases of dogs getting sick after being walked along what is now known as the UFO trail.

Caroline Peters from Felsted in Essex, is the latest to report her two dogs becoming ill after a visit.

She says they got so sick they almost died.

She said: “We were there for about an hour-and-a-half.

“Ruby was off the lead but Sparkie was on the lead.

“We saw toadstools but they have been ruled out – there was nothing in their tests to suggest there had been any form of poisoning.”


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