A Threat to World Peace


Recently, the relation between china and USA has deteriorated remarkably. In the beginning of this month the US sailed its guided missile destroyer the USS William P. Lawrence within 12 nautical miles of Chinese-occupied Fiery Cross Reef, China responded by scrambling of two fighter jets and three warships to shadow the destroyer and force it to leave the area.

The US that this action was done on purpose in order to “challenge excessive maritime claims” made by China. In turn, China had this to say about the US effort: “This action by the U.S. side threatened China’s sovereignty and security interests, endangered the staff and facilities on the reef, and damaged regional peace and stability.”

China is clearly not letting this by easily as they are still disputing about it up to today yet the true question is which country truly threatens human peace and stability?

The Bio-Weapons the US Created Pose the Greatest Threat to Civilization The United Nations is getting ready to rule on a maritime dispute between China and the Philippines, and in discussing that potential ruling Yang Yujun, spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense (MND) said at a briefing that US involvement in these types of disputes is the greatest threat to the region.

China commented on this that it would not consider the UN verdict until their claims are honored and it was clear in their statement below:

“No matter what kind of ruling the Court makes, China will not accept nor recognize the adjudication,” Yang Yujun, spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense (MND) said at a briefing. “This is China’s right conferred by the international laws. By doing so we are actually abiding by and observing the international laws.”

The tension is growing even further by a continuously growing American presence in the region, whose many allies also lay claims to the islands.

The president Yang made the following statement regarding the situation:

“Certain countries outside the region frequently show its military strength in the South China Sea area and this is actually the greatest threat to peace and stability in the region. We urge them to stop stirring up a storm in a teapot and stop sowing seeds of discord so as to maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea, which conforms to the common interests of all parties,” Yang said. Yang went on to say that “in essence, the root cause for security hazards and potential accidents in the air and at sea between China and the US is the long term, large-scale and frequent close-in reconnaissance activities against China by the US military vessels and aircraft.”

This sums up perfectly what we have been saying for quite some time now. The more the US provokes China, and Russia for that matter, the more likely of international incident increases. This can be the main purpose of the United States this whole time for a secret reason.



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