How to Access Alien Worlds and O.B.E. (Video)

For humans to physically travel to alien worlds in order to meet and interact with their inhabitants has, at least up to the early part of the 21st century, been technologically beyond humankind’s capability. There are, of course, close encounters with alien beings and their UFOs, but these are inevitably brief and very little about their worlds and cultures has so far emerged. Humankind has found itself effectively imprisoned like some caged animal in a zoo. Where other beings can visit us, we cannot physically escape Earth and visit them. The result of this confinement is that humans know very little about extra-terrestrials, whilst they know a great deal about us. Unsurprisingly, the alien beings who do visit us are of the opinion that humans are currently still in a primitive state.

Fortunately, there are plenty of alien beings who are enthusiastic about assisting Earthlings to discover more about other advanced beings in the universe. Metaphorically speaking, the human species is being offered a chance to improve itself and join an inter-galactic club of highly advanced species.

Is there a way to communicate with alien beings and even visit their worlds? David McCready says it is possible via astral projection and out of body consciousness and he will tell us how.


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