Alien Hunter Claims The Malibu Anomaly Might Be a Stargate


Six miles off the coast of Point Dume in Malibu, California there is a very unusual structure resting on the seafloor. Google Earth images reveal what appears to be an oval-shaped object with a flat surface sitting atop what look like huge pillars. Symmetrical objects are rarely seen in nature but when viewed from above, this thing is almost perfectly oval.


Located 2,000 feet (600 meters) deep, the 3-mile wide structure allegedly reveals the entrance to a mysterious place. Since its discovery, the Malibu Anomaly has generated heated debates and it is still quite controversial today.

Ham radio enthusiast and alien hunter John Emmett believes he has found evidence that the underwater structure is of alien origins. Over the years he has captured strange radio signals being emitted on a regular basis but for a long time he could not identify the source of said signals. Emmett has been a radio operator since 1938 and says he would come across these radio signals everyday.

He mounted a powerful antenna on a four wheel drive truck and went searching for the source. He pinpointed its location to the mysterious structure found near his property in California. Emmett believes the anomaly is a huge alien space craft that has been laying underwater for thousands of years.

Author Robert M. Stanley says the object might be a stargate used by alien visitors to travel to and from Earth and that the US government is aware of the situation and regularly sends submarines to investigate it.

There are plenty stories about secret underground or underwater alien bases found throughout the world but they are usually located in more remote areas that are associated with unexplained phenomena and UFO sightings.


Stanley claims he found the structure in 2010 while searching for anomalies on Google Maps and then contacted his friend, John Emmett. Emmett told him he had known about the submerged object for ten years. According to them, the structure is perfectly aligned with several megalithic monuments around the world.

The local Chumesh peoples’ oral legends tell of a great flood that occurred 12,000 years ago. Perhaps the base has been since covered by water but is still maintained operational. Is the alien hunter onto something?

There is little evidence supporting their claims but this is a common aspect to all similar theories. Until the area is thoroughly explored, the enigma of the Malibu Anomaly carries on.


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