Alien Influences on Humanity – Episode Two

Deception of the optical perception

The manipulation of our optical perception happens through the embossing of astral energies on photos, objects or people.

The reptilians can give positive people a negative radiation (and reverse). They make this for example if somebody wants to hold a lecture, that doesn’t fit into their agenda. Due to their optical perception the listeners will distrust the auditor and lock the heart-chakra. Then, the poor fellow has no chance of convincing people.

The listeners might believe that their heart would have received the negative radiation of the speaker. But they have been fooled. What truly happens is following:

To the optical perception (maybe the type looks quite normal), the astral perception of the third eye adds up and here the negative energy comes in. Here the thought arises, the type is not ok. The brain perceives negativity and makes a rejecting decision. As a result, the heart reacts in a negative way. The auditor feels unwell.

In order to come right to the point: I believe that the only perception that cannot be falsified by the reptilians is the direct perception with the heart-chakra that means contact from soul to soul. The above example is no such case. What would happen if you perceived the speaker with your heart?

You would close the eyes, intensively sense your breast-area, your respiration and then get into contact with him. You will perceive the negative energy, because it is there. What also is there, is the person’s good intention and a lot of energy, that this person has already put into his lecture-topic. This perception needs some time because to receive feelings take time.

You will notice maybe half a minute later that the negative energy was embossed over this freedom-fighter. This might cause a knot in your breast with a simultaneous surging of compassion. If this happens with intensity, you will notice that the embossed energy vanishes, perceptibly for you, for him and for the other participants. This means that you healed him (oh, sh… now, I have betrayed the secret of spiritual healing).

This real healing-process should be distinguished of that, what many call “send love”. I am not anything against “sending love”, but this doesn’t work without real contact. In that case without contact “sending love” is rather a type of self-gratification.

Another detail appeared here: Perception needs time.

In many seminars over clairvoyance etc. it was taught, one should take the first information that comes into your mind. These teachings come from the top-parasites of the white brotherhood. The fastest perception comes through the third eye and this perception can be manipulated. This is exactly what those white brothers want.


The perception with the heart needs time, because feelings cannot unfold in milliseconds. And I must feel the other person’s emotional world piece for piece in order to really be able to understand the other person.

The reptilians can emboss a positive radiation and charisma on a person, which serves them and therefore spreads lies, consciously or unconsciously. This version of deception sometimes is more difficult to uncover. The astral manipulation is picked up by the third eye, the brain reports “everything clear” and the heart relaxes. Whoever tries to establish contact over the heart will notice that it doesn’t go. Most people can’t do this anyway and those who could might believe it is their own failure (As people mostly do).

Whoever is cleared up enough notices the incongruity of the statements and becomes suspicious, but this happens over the head – but it happens after all!

There are quite not many people, for example my wife Karin, who can’t be deceived even with the very best deception of this type. If she goes into such a lecture, she is attacked immediately. Her energy will be sucked; she gets twitches in the eyes, can hardly speak, starts to stutter.

She then doesn’t have any chance to say something against this top-charismatic speaker.

In such a case, she simply must go.



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