Alien Influences on Humanity

Chapter 1

The Invasion is already here:

Bartley is one of many Americans, who were abducted by aliens. After his experiences with aliens he decided to work and do researches and he worked with Barbara Bartholic which did most of the work dealing with more than 700 abductees executing hypnosis-sessions in order to de-traumatize the victims and, to find out the truth behind the abductions.

Bartley helped and posted some conclusions and results on the internet.

The abductions are usually carried out by the so-called “Grays”. However, the hypnosis-sessions opened that the grays are executing organs, and a fake memory is being implanted to the abductees about their abduction. These implanted memories contains general statement that the aliens are helping people, and want to improve the astral and physical body of the abductees and prepare them for any particular tasks which is good for them.

And through the hypnosis the Screen-memory could be broken, the Grays showed up with their actual intents:

To abuse, traumatize and manipulate, to be able to use them for their main purpose: to subjugate mankind.

But even if one will feel bad at first, it is better to know how this trap looks, than to ignore it.

There are few other people who worked with Bartley. But they didn’t have any memories of being abducted, but worked intensively suffered from the Grays influences. At that time that they didn’t yet know what kind of beings they were.

The Grays wanted to ruin our relationship, put stones into our projects, prevented success and surrounded us with manipulated people. .

When reading Bartleys articles, they noticed that he writes very much the same and experienced the same with abductees. But it is still the same no one will believe or maybe they are under the control of the Grays. To deny or researches

Here some key-statements of Bartleys articles:

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