Alien-looking ‘Handgun’ spotted in Mars photo


A strange object was discovered in a photo snapped by Curiosity’s mast camera, leading to claims that it might be an ancient handheld weapon.

UFO researcher Scott Waring spotted the peculiar formation in one of the photos sent back by NASA’s Curiosity Rover and he believes it might actually be proof of an ancient battle taking place on the red planet.

The original image can be found here.

Zoom in and add a couple of filters and we’ve got ourselves yet another peculiar object that most would call an oddly-shaped rock.

Ever since Curiosity landed on Mars, curious objects such as this one have been routinely spotted in the photos sent back by the rover. Earlier last year, another object caught everyone’s attention when somebody pointed out it resembled an eroded column covered in hieroglyphic writing, similar to those found on Earth.


Other photos contain what appear to be fossilized skulls and bones, metallic objects, blocks of wood, tunnels, monoliths, spheres, ‘totem poles’ and everything in between.

Are they nothing but rocks or is NASA actively collecting information about Mars’ secret past, evidence of which gets left behind in photos, only to be picked up by skeptic researchers?

It’s anybody’s guess.


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