Alien Mind : The Verdants

Other less-advanced aliens might try to take advantage of our backwardness in order to expand their sphere of influence, to have access to our vicinity’s resources. In some cases, that would go against the larger off-world grain, but if the offending aliens were formidable intruders from another galaxy, for example, there might be little that Earth’s neighbors could do to turn them back. The dangers of conflict would be too severe. Instead, neighboring aliens might try to educate humans to be more responsible for themselves and for the larger universe.

They might find us a stubborn breed, prone to superstition and a reluctance to explain Bronze Age religious concepts scientifically. On the other hand, an alien visitor might be impressed by the intellectual movements of our last 20 to 30 years.

For example:

1) Feminist thinking that distinguishes between biological gender and exaggerated popular ideas about gender

2) A global movement to recognize both the rights and the human resources of native peoples

3) A deepening awareness of our finite global ecology

4) A delayed but important popularization of both the concepts and the logic of quantum physics. *Although most people haven’t fully assimilated the fundamental weirdness of quantum physics, we use computers that are based on such phenomena daily

No doubt, one further trend in human thought would stand out sharply.

A large number of the world’s peoples have been exposed to, if not deeply influenced by, portrayals of extraterrestrial life. Unlike the world of fifty years ago, most people now recognize that large-headed figures with almond-shaped eyes represent a certain kind of alien. High tech companies run ad campaigns comparing their innovations to the otherworldly, and the all-time list of top-grossing movies is thick with films about extraterrestrials.

The alien theme runs much deeper. According to recent opinion polls, more than 40 percent of the people in the United States think there’s a government plot to cover up the facts of UFO’s. That’s nearly 100 million people (more than voted in the last US election). About one-third of those polled think that humans have actually made contact with aliens.

Believe it or not, other nations’ news outlets regularly feature footage of UFO’s moving across their skies. For example, millions have seen large formations of non-human objects passing behind clouds on Mexico’s version of “60 Minutes,” anchored by Jaime Maussan. Defense ministry commissions in both France and Britain recently published reports concluding that their governments should prepare for the high “probability” that aliens visit the earth, and that downed alien technology has found its way into a black budget structure within the United States.

Just a few years ago Russia’s chairman of its joint chiefs of staff, the nation’s highest-ranking military officer, announced that his government regularly observes alien craft and has possession of downed alien technology. Chinese officials speak openly about the subject, as have officials in numerous other nations.

In fact, what were once known as UFO’s are increasingly described by generic type, or as “IFO’s” instead: identified flying objects?


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