Alien teleportation Technology

The technology of teleportation is used on Earth and enables a movement for alien operations on Earth. It is used in secret war between alien groups on Earth.

There are two types of aliens are using this technology: Nirvana and Dragonia. However, the teleportation technology developed by the aliens of Dragonia presents a lower level. It is considered more limited technology, either in quality or in range.

The Dragonia used to need ten or more mediator teleportation cabins so when they travel on foot to the other side of Earth. The other members of Nirvana, in general, do not need to take all this work, it is much easier for them.

“The alien teleportation technology used by the Confederates on Earth is based on the optical principles of camouflage”.

At the moment of the teleportation, a teleportation field is generated around the person. It creates a set of mirrors that aligns the external image coming from any external angle with the image of the exact opposite side, producing the illusion of transparency to any observer.

So alien teleportation can take place in the middle of a street or inside a mall. The person do not need to go to the restroom or hide.

No special effects like rays or lights are produced. Everything is so quick and the brain of the observer is deceived, like if there was a rapid cut being processed by the brain and in the next moment the image continues (altered by the teleportation operation) with the person being teleported in or out of the place.

The alien teleportation for the members of Nirvana is performed by easy-to-use portable device. Coordinates be manually given but the device can automatically calculate the best exact position in the destination place. In the case of a military emergency, the device automatically transports the person to any safe place in the surroundings.

The Confederate aliens and also the more spiritually advanced and members of Nirvana have developed the paranormal self-teleportation – advanced form of telekinesis, where the person transports himself or herself to another place. This usually consumes a lot of energy and therefore the distances are not very big: no more than a few miles.

The alien technology of teleportation

Ragnar Larsen