Alien Tower Built Near Area 51?

This strange object was discovered inside Area 51 using Google Earth. Due to its distinctive appearance, some have drawn the conclusion that it must be alien in nature.

If you want to see the tower for yourself, you can do so by inputting these coordinates into Google Earth: 37°14’46.49″ N 115°49’24.63″ W.

Estimates place the tower’s size at around 70 feet high and 30 feet wide. Google’s automatic structure recognition software classified the building as a new test tower built in 2007, but not everyone agrees with this explanation.

Due to its unusual shape and size, some believe the the tower must be an alien obelisk, a beacon of some kind, dedicated to guiding the extraterrestrial ships that are rumored to regularly land at Area 51.

area 51 alien tower_2

This allegedly alien tower does not exhibit enough details for a thorough analysis. This is unfortunate but nothing can be done and the only available photos are the ones taken by geostationary satellites. The airspace above Area 51 is a no-fly zone for civilian aircraft and severe restrictions are applied on ground level as well.

It is very likely that the so-called alien tower at Area 51 is something man-made serving a much more mundane purpose than die-hard conspiracy theorists would have us believe. The secrecy of this top-secret base pretty much guarantees that we’ll be hearing similar speculations. They will come to an end if and when a full disclosure will happen, which is highly unlikely.



  1. We can see into the darkest parts of distant space… But we can not get a clear picture of our planet from orbit. Seems a little ??? to me!

  2. The U.S govt. is not revealing anything about the existence of the aliens even though the people of the world knew they exists. What’s the point in that???

  3. Nothing about that looks alien. Humans make skyscrapers all the fucking time. We also use weird architecture all the time. And we make buildings into triangles all the time. Still interesting if it is out in the middle of nowhere though

  4. It’s a landing deck. We have built triangular shaped UFO type vehicles.

  5. Who wants to help me organize an ‘occupy area 51’ movement. I’m being serious, it’s about time we demanded some real answers.

  6. get over 51 anything they don’t want you to know is being testing and visited at a man made secrete island.

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