• we are taught in our elite-controlled schools that we are simply made up of a physical body with hormones to control our emotions and a brain to generate thoughts and take decisions.

If we have a religious mindset, we might add that this body carries a soul. If we are spiritually inclined, we will also add a spirit to the lot.

Body + soul + spirit. That is as far as most curious people will go.

So, when a person faces the abduction of an invisible part of herself while her physical body remains in bed, she immediately thinks her ‘soul’ or her ‘spirit’ has been stolen.

Well, humans are much, much more complicated than that. The disinformation brought about by religion, then scientific materialism, and lastly, New Age ‘spirituality’, has completely falsified our notion of ourselves. In fact, each one of us is made up of five completely different types of vibrations, each containing subsets:


  1. Spirit: the Supreme Being, individualized, outside of space-time, forever the same
  2. Soul: that same individualized spirit, but evolving in space-time
  3. Mental body: a mental form constantly exchanging with the multiple worlds of thoughts
  4. Vital body: a vital form in continuous relation with the worlds of vital energies and emotions
  5. Physical body: a physical form perpetually connected with the material and etheric worlds

There is one unique individual spirit per being, whether rock, plant, animal, alien, entity, or human – anywhere in the universe. It is both inside and above each individual.

Souls are very different. They are a specialty of Earth, which is the planet focusing on the evolution of souls. Other planets have other purposes. To evolve in matter, souls need the dense material vibrations of Earth’s space-time Matrix. That is why souls keep coming back there, life after life.

Souls are not imprisoned – they plan each new earthly life with an intensity of purpose that we cannot imagine, since to us, our present life is more like hell than heaven.

 …to name a few? Really!

Yet, souls do want to incarnate here despite the present situation.

It is the only place where they can evolve exactly the way they want.

To be continued …

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Ragnar Larsen