Aliens are descended from a dolphin like form

Origins from Cetaceans

Based on the evidence of their physical appearance, the following speculation can be made:

The Greys are descended from a dolphin-like or cetacean-based existence form.

There are various motives for this supposition.

The reply can be determined in the similarities between cetaceans and Greys, using bodily and behavioral aspects.

Physical Aspects

First, let’s have a look at the bodily characteristics.

The pores and skin of a Grey is comparable to that of dolphins, and in most cases, the colours. On Terra, cetaceans developed legs and palms to feature on land, but when they returned to the oceans, the hands and legs evolved into flippers and tails. X-ray evaluation indicates the residual appendages that dolphins and whales as being related in skeletal shape to that of land-dwelling mammals in placement and kinds of bones.

It is possible that the Greys evolved much like [Terran dolphins] did, but did not return to the oceans, but persevered to develop. Next The Greys have a large rounded skull region area on the upper anterior and posterior sections of their skulls.

An examination of the dolphin skull indicates very similar large, rounded anterior and posterior areas.

The eyes of Greys are described as large and black, with what appears to be a defensive shielding masking the eye. Many Terran aquatic animals have developed protective outer eye shields for underwater use.

The Greys are descended from a dolphin-like or cetacean-based existence form

It is possible that this is a left-over from the Greys’ ocean origins which has not been bred out, perhaps due to numerous unknown advantages of the shield. Another issue is the dark coloration of this eye shield. It suggests an eye shape suitable for a reduced light environment.

On Terra, dolphins and other cetaceans developed sonar ability as their main navigational aid, and thus do not rely as much on sight while underwater.

Behavioral Aspects

Terran dolphins use sonar both to navigate and stun prey and enemies. The stun affect is of particular activity in this case. Dolphins can emit very effective and focused ultrasonic bursts from the anterior area of their skulls, from an organ knows as a ‘melon’.

This is used to stun prey and enemies, such as sharks and barracuda.

When hunting, the ultrasound beam could be directed at small fish and amplified to deadly levels, causing immediate death.

The beam can also be managed so as to produce a stun effect,

This phenomenon is very similar to the technique used through the Greys as an useful resource to telepathic manipulate of abductees. The similarities are almost overwhelming. Nearly every abductee states that when they are abducted, they are paralyzed by using the Greys, and end up mentally disorientated.

This happens when a Grey appears directly at an abductee, whereas the large, darkish eyes seize the abductee’s attention immediately. Abductees then report being unable to move, and a feeling of great intellectual disorientation.

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Ragnar Larsen