Aliens are descended from a dolphin like form


This evidence leads to the speculation that the Greys use a type of ultrasonic sound beam in conjunction with telepathy to paralyze an abductee in the course of an abduction.

The description of the Grey’s head is usually large, triangular and rounded in the front and back. This suggests a large and rounded rear and frontal brain lobe structure.

This large rounding is thought to be an adaptation of the cetacean brain to deal with the massive data flow acquired from echo-location and other sound-based communications faculties.

It should also be mentioned that on the rare occasions that abductees hear verbal sounds from Greys, it is described as high-pitched, sometimes chattering or staccato clicks or beeps. These are all similar to the air vocalizations of dolphins.

After all, there is likely little use for echo-location is such a society, thus it could have been bred out of the species during cloning.

Origins of Greys

A simple explanation for the origins of the Greys would be and evolutionary process similar to that of humans, however from a cetacean ancestor as opposed to a primate ancestor.

At one point, rather of returning to the oceans, or possibly leaving the oceans, cetacean actually evolved as a land-dweller, while maintaining the vestigial features of its ancestors, much as human beings still retain body hair, an appendix, and a group of fused tail bones.

Sometime later, the Greys had either a large accident or other event that severely degenerated its genetic pool, or decided that the random genetic mixing of sexual reproduction was inadequate for their society, and embarked on cloning as an ability to overcome their problem.

This theory is supported by the reasons behind the abduction phenomenon, as is very streamlined, except involving different species as manipulators.


The closing conclusions deduced from the evidence at hand is that the Greys were artificially developed either by means of persons or beings unknown, or by themselves, and that the Greys evolved from a cetacean-like life form on another world.

A cetacean-like life form developed naturally on that planet, and either advanced naturally, or was accelerated in their evolution artificially although genetic engineering, and later cloning, which grew to be their only form of reproduction.

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Ragnar Larsen