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Aliens At WAR – Part 1


by Amitakh Stanford

There are two main Anunnaki alien groups in covert and overt battles for world domination. Humans are pawns caught in the middle of this brutal alien war. Likewise, the weaker alien groups are affected. They must align with either Reptilians or Vulturites or face the possibility of total annihilation.

The principle of divide and conquer has always been a main aspect of Anunnaki war strategy. This is being carried out through the human population on Earth. The history of this planet has witnessed many such events. The former U.S.S.R. and Yugoslavia are victims of divide and conquer. Even within nations, racial, religious, economic, political, educational and other sub-divisions are formed to cause inner-strife, or division for conquest or control.

Taiwan and Hong Kong served as Western divisions of China, the latter of which China has already reclaimed. Kosovo’s recent declaration of independence from Serbia is yet another example of the divide and conquer principle. China is well aware of the West’s desire to separate Tibet and establish it as a sovereign nation and is resisting this tremendously.

It could also cause China to move even faster in reclaiming Taiwan, which it sees as a part of China.

The Dalai Lama has accused China of “cultural genocide” by diluting the Tibetan population with non-Tibetans, and Tibetans are now rioting in the streets. Tibet has been encouraged by Kosovo to raise the issue of self-government. Underlying the Sino-Tibetan conflict is a long-standing feud within alien communities. Humans have been used to play out this feud under differing issues, all amounting to the divide and conquer principle. There is an important portal in Tibet that aliens are safeguarding, so the conflict could turn ugly as the alien group influencing China pursues guardianship of the portal.

Reptilians are influencing people to actively pursue CO2 reduction programs at this time. There are very devious reasons behind this push of carbon trading, emissions reductions and so on. As long as people believe that they can begin correcting environmental problems in such a slow, deliberate manner, they are lulled into the false sense that there is a great deal of time left to correct things.

This keeps the people from suspecting that the Earth’s remaining existence is very short. It further encourages people to accept extreme weather patterns, severe flooding and many other events as attributable to global warming.

As I indicated three years ago, part of the Olcar war plans involves the superheating and melting of glacial ice around the world. Aliens are now very actively melting ice on the planet and influencing humans to do so also. Whilst the air and water temperatures are rising, they are not rising at the rates represented by the rapid ice melting. In other words, part of the alien war is manifesting in unnatural glacial thaws. As might be expected, the Antarctic ice, anchored to a land mass, is less vulnerable to alien attacks upon it than is the Arctic ice, which is perilously floating atop water.

Thus, Europe is extremely vulnerable to a massive Arctic melt.

Storms around the world are becoming less and less predictable. Part of this is because of global warming, but much of it is being caused by aliens attacking various centers, or by aliens influencing humans to do so. That is, some of the storms now occurring are unnatural.

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