More Aliens Are In Contact With Earth

A Three-part-video in favor of the testimony of a reliable whistle blower giving out information about the known extraterrestrial species visiting Earth.

Aliens visiting Earth have always been the main subject of researchers, the amount of information/sources that hit the surface on this subject is endless, the first sources are alien abductees and contactees. The second sources are whistleblowers, including former military personnel, intelligence officials, and government scientists or employees.

The Public is often skeptical about these types of information, members of the New Age movement and paranormal enthusiasts insist that their reliability has been demonstrated by scientific investigators such as neurologists, hypnotists, and psychologists.

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But enthusiasts believe that even die-hard skeptics who reject any notion that information about extraterrestrials obtained from “spiritual channels” is admissible must pause to consider the testimony of former senior government officials-turned-whistle blowers such as the former minister of defense of Canada, Paul Hellyer.

Alien conspiracy theorists rank Hellyer among the most reputable and reliable sources of information about extraterrestrial species that are allegedly in contact with Earth.

Hellyer makes the jaw-dropping claim that there are more than 82 known alien species who have visited Earth. It is claimed that a wealth of information about these extraterrestrial species is contained in highly-classified documents used as training manuals or guides for military and intelligence personnel. The documents reveal that many of the known species, such as the Alpha-Draconians or Reptilians, have been living on Earth long before the human race.

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