More Aliens Are In Contact With Earth

Alien researchers insist that despite a carefully orchestrated disinformation campaign by government to make citizens believe that life has not been found on any of the hundreds of recently discovered exoplanets that are potentially capable of supporting life, our galaxy, with more than 100 billion stars, and our universe, with more than 100 billion observable galaxies, is teeming with life.

Alien and UFO researchers, according to the Alien Punk blog, insist that it is inconceivable that in a universe estimated to be about 14 billion-years-old, with more than 100 billion observable galaxies, life would exist only on planet Earth, estimated to be only about four billion-years-old.

Believers claim that unknown to millions, there exists a vast array of extraterrestrial life forms in our galaxy, and many have been visiting Earth for millions of years before the first Lyran ancestors of the human race colonized the planet.

According to proponents of the ancient astronaut theory, ancient humans mistook extraterrestrials (ETs) that visited Earth as “gods” that descended from the sky in bright light chariots to impart knowledge and skills, such as science, astronomy, and technology.

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Original Source: The Inquisitr


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Ragnar Larsen