Amazing Photos that Prove Fairies might be Real

Are these stupefying photos proof that fairies exist?

In March 2015, hosts of The Mystic Menagerie, a UK based alternative arts podcast received a series of shocking photos from one of their regular listeners. The podcast’s usual topics include paranormal events, strange folklore and unexplained incidents.

The man who sent them the photos chose to remain anonymous, fearing that he might be ridiculed for his discovery.

5 pence piece for scale

As you can see, the images show a pint-sized incomplete humanoid skeleton, consisting of a skull, spine and several ribs. The rest is missing but there’s more than enough to build a disturbing case. Before its death, this humanoid could easily have fit inside the palm of your hand.


The anonymous tipster said he worked for a bird rescue center in Cornwall, UK and his job was monitoring the nests of endangered species in order to prevent egg theft. It was during one of his routine checks that he stumbled upon this highly unusual find among the twigs and feathers inside a falcon nest. We can imagine his surprise.


He collected the bones in a sample bag and took them to the rescue center for a closer inspection and perhaps, a second opinion.


It is worth noting that stories about fairies or pixies are abundant in Cornish folklore. Could this discovery lend credence to these stories? Were these legends inspired by a race of flesh and bone miniature humanoids?


We should also point out that one of the show’s hosts is sculptor and illusion designer Dan Baines, author of the 2007 Mummified Fairy Hoax. This pretty much guarantees he knows his way around fakes but this time, he swears he had nothing to do with it.

The two hosts of Mystic Menagerie are currently planning to meet the man in person and take a closer look at the tiny skeleton. Perhaps they’ll manage to perform a few tests and maybe shed some light on this minute mystery.

Ragnar Larsen


  1. His job in life was to collect Children’s teeth. Hence, the coin found with him.

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