Ancient Hidden History: The Mysterious Genetic Disk

From time to time, archaeologists discover something that doesn’t fit into humanity’s current understanding of things. We’ve only had the microscope for a few centuries and genetic research started about 150 years ago.

When a 6000 year old stone disk featuring scenes that happen on a microscopic level was found in an excavation in South America it contradicted that belief.


The artifact has been called the Genetic Disk. Made from a hard basaltic rock called lydite, it weighs around 2 kilograms ( 4 pounds) and has a diameter of 22 centimeters ( 9 inches). But it’s the symbols that have confused those who’ve seen them.

The symbols are grouped in a chronological order and include sperm and egg cells, the fertilized egg, and stages of foetal development. On the other side contains what some have said to be different moments in cell division. It also shows what appears to be stages in the development of an amphibian creature.

Other disks have been found all around the world but none looked like this one.

disk 3
The Phaistos Disk found in Crete.

Our modern knowledge is familiar with the concepts inscribed on this object. However, it was found in Colombia, during the excavation of a 6000 year old site. The disk looks nothing like ancient Pre-Columbian artifacts and the symbols are unknown. It was found among 6000 year-old objects but it could be far older.

People were baffled as to how a prehistoric civilization was able to produce this disk and how would they have known things that we’ve only learned in the last couple of centuries? Some have went as far as suggesting the disk was made by the serpent people, because it also features a snake on its side.

Whatever the case, this object cannot be classified in the South American system of cultures and skeptics have labeled it as fraud. That could well be the case but this isn’t the only baffling discovery made in South America. Archaeologists have uncovered huge stone monuments and giant skeletons dating as far back as 14,000 years ago.

Admitting that something weird happened there in prehistoric times wouldn’t be the biggest crime.

Ragnar Larsen

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  1. If this disk isn’t fake I guess we can kiss our beliefs goodbye. who knows what other things lay buried and how much light they would shaere on things

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