Ancient sites created by aliens

If you travel around the world there is a chance that you will find sites that are shrouded in mysteries. Some of them basic built, others very complex and fascinating to even imagine were built by humans. Especially considering their limited knowledge to our modern-day technology.

Here are some that we found most interesting.


The pyramids stand tall just outside Cairo, in Giza, and are more than 4 500 years old. Very little is known about how these magnificent structures were built.  We know that they used these structures to burry their kings and queens but what was the real purpose of it?

The pyramids are usually made of millions of precisely formed blocks of stone weighing at least two tons each. Even with modern cranes and other equipment would be a big challenge.

The pyramids are aligned with the stars in Orion’s belt too. Was this part of the ritual to send the aliens back home from where they came?


A huge stone circle, with each stone weighing close to 50 tons, is located in the English countryside of Salisbury. These are suggested. Bu Erich von Däniken, to be a model of the solar system and a landing pad for the Alien spaceships.

The meaning of the stone circle is very unknown to us but we know that humans and their tech could build structures like these, 5 000 years ago, when it is estimated that this stone structure is raised. After a lot of research, we now know that the stone circle is aligned with the solstices and eclipses to monitor the heavens.

The Moai of Easter Island

The enigma surrounding the moai, on Easter Island, are a large amount of stone heads that were built/carved by the Rapa Nui people 1 000 years ago. How did they end up on this island?

They are carved from stone and are approximately 900 heads. Each head weigh 14 tons and stand at 13 feet tall. Some were still under construction at the quarry of Rano Raraku and are made of soft volcanic tuff found in the area around the volcano. The unfinished heads are of course still waiting for their final resting place amongst their brothers.

Why or how they could carve out these heads/figures with such precision is still unknown and how the people of the Rapa Nui ceased to exist is a complete mystery, without any proof. But one theory is agreed upon, and it suggests that they died because of some environmental disaster of their own doing. Mayne the Aliens stopped caring for these people and decided that their time had come.

The Nasca lines outside of Lima, Peru

These lines etched into the sands and rocks depict creatures like an ant, a hummingbird and a monkey. These drawings in the sand are surrounded by more than 800 long lines and seem to be random at first sight. They are thought to be more than two millennia old and are best seen from a much higher altitude. Is it even possible to create these lines without the ability to fly? The geometrical shapes and figures of animals might suggest that Aliens might have drawn these huge lines into the sand to maybe create some kind of distinction of what people lived there or maybe they used these markings to signal other brethren where good landing spots are located.

What the purpose of these markings is, we may never know, but it’s still a mystery we are trying to solve to this day.

Ragnar Larsen