Are We Grays?

…. Someone may be told he or she was once a gray [alien] and it is hosting a human form for any reasons, perhaps to experience emotions or life as ground personnel to understand how human brain works.

As far as I can tell this is a false info designed to avoid any freewill-based resistance that might interfere with the abductors’ ability to more thoroughly “use” the individual. Feelings of kinship and empathy induced in an abductee amount to a freewill invitation for further contact with the abductors, which is ultimately asking for further exploitation.

The dark-side loves twisting truth toward negative ends.

Many abductees may be Wanderers, spiritual beings from a higher density who have incarnated here to shed a little light into the darkness. However, any vague notions they might have of their spiritual origins can be cunningly diverted toward concluding they share identity with the very beings they have come here to undermine, the cybernetic custodians of the Matrix Control System.

Sure, different people have souls that originate from different realms, some are alien and some are more terrestrial depending on how many lives they have spent wearing the human form versus that of some other 3D/4D species, but to get your soul mixed up and thereby align your will with the ‘wrong’ group is a literal invitation for trouble.

One question is whether grays are artificial beings, or maybe there are organic variations with their own independent history as a species. Obviously if they are artificial, it would be to have a gray soul.  In addition, could be a possibility to the signs point for it.

But many theories and methods of deception exist… you could have an alien entity attachment, and its influence upon your thoughts/feelings/actions could be very convincing as being those of your own volition and nature – especially when reinforced by mind programming and by suggestions from odd characters you meet who profess to tell you who you are.

For more wide info. Read Dr. William Baldwin’s book CE-VI for alien entity attachments.

So in searching for your identity, be cautious before swearing your allegiance on your destiny with it. If you really want to know who or what you are, make a request to the highest spiritual forces (like your Highest Self) to be led discover who you are.

Pieces will take its place; memories and clues will clear to you and in the end, you will understand yourself better and know why you are.

Is it important to know who you are? What do you think?

Ragnar Larsen