EARLIER ciphers were presented to initiates in a ritual context. This ritual context has, from at least the times of the Egyptian and Babylonian Priesthood, formed the bridge between human initiates and their Ultraterrestrial sponsors, sometimes associated with the double star system of Sirius, even in ancient times.

Thus, we find the ‘modern’ Egyptian Masonic Rite of Memphis conferring a secret Degree called ADEPT OF SIRIUS, the name of which, decoded using the eleven-fold cipher encrypted in The Book of the Law, means SECRET CHIEFS and, also, SECRET MASTER.

Fortified with the 1904 Cipher, we can take, for example, the case of Trevor James Constable, author (as “Trevor James”) of the seminal 1950s work They Live in the Sky, and an active experimenter today with Reichian Energies.

John A. Keel long ago noticed that UFO contact incidents seemed to step out of time in the usual sense. Without the UFOnaut Cipher, however, the predictive aspect of this non-linear factor can be lost.

In April, 1965, a piece of parchment was found wrapped around a glass vial containing some silver sand. This was the site of Arthur Bryant’s encounter with “Yam-ski” the newly made “ascended master” who emerged from a UFO the day after contactee George Adamski’s death half a world away. The parchment contained the Greek words Adelphos Adelpho (“brother to brother”).

Two years later, in December of 1967, student Tom Monteleone encountered a UFO being in Adelphi, Maryland. The name of the town should alert us to a probable ‘coded’ relationship to the earlier case. Monteleone was told by the entity he met that it was named VADIG. Later, he met Vadig in Washington, D.C. (where Adamski had died and was buried) in ‘civilian clothes’ several times.

On each occasion VADIG, as if for emphasis, closed his conversation with the phrase, “I’ll see you in time.”

Keeping in mind that one of Adamski’s main contacts had been Fir-kon, and that this name had been adopted by an Adamski and Williamson follower who disappeared without a trace, along with his partner ‘Ramu’ we are not surprised to find that VADIG = 51 = RAMU, but also, LODGE. The value again shows up in the recent ZARKON case.

As we have seen, the strange words and names that show up in Masonic Lodge settings are similar in form and purpose to those which show up in contact cases. They show up in modern cases of Angelic Visitation, which, in a sense, resemble the visitations of the Men in Black. The Hebrew word for “angel” literally means “messenger” and the names of these messengers are often equivalent to the names of Ultraterrestrial Messengers. They also show up in demonology.

The original “etheric” and “astral” contacts took place in the ‘50s, and are a lot like the Richard Shaver ‘hidden worlds’ material. It is of interest that an old acquaintance from both the lore of classical occultism and the legends of modern Ufology, known as “Ashtar” shows up in these contacts as well.

“Ashtar” is, in traditional occult circles, a demon of considerable power. In UFO lore, he is usually a “positive force” or is so identified by percipients. A variant name that shows up in UFO contact cases is ASHTAR SHERAN. Constable also was in communication with one ANDOLO. Interestingly, ASHTAR tells Constable which beings are “etheric” and “good” and which are “astral” and “satanic”.


He tells Constable that one of the bad guys, so to speak is ERANUS, who he identifies as Satan himself.

These contacts are somewhat puzzling, because they contain, when viewed in light of the Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts, aspects of deception on the part of certain Ultraterrestrial parties, and we note the pattern of even a bizarre humor entering the picture.

  • ASHTAR SHERAN = 108 = FINGERS, while SHERAN by itself = 61 = TOES.
  • ASHTAR = 47 = ATLANS (one of Shaver’s Ancient Races) and AEON.
  • ANDOLO = 37 = AGE.
  • ERANUS, on the other hand, yields 74 = SOLAR DISC and TERRA.
  • ASHTAR (47) also yields DISC.
  • Both ASHTAR (47 or 4+7=11) and ERANUS (74 or 7+4=11; note the 47/74 reversal) both reduce to the ‘code key number,’ eleven.

I should emphasize again that a reduction to eleven is usually only possible in significant cases, eleven being the “cycle key” to the UFOnaut cipher, as explained elsewhere.

  • ERANUS = 74 = RIDDLE. It makes an anagram for SUN ERA = 74 = SOLAR DISC!
  • SUN ERA = 74 = SOLAR DISC brings to mind Aleister Crowley’s anthropological observations on “Satan”.

He informs us that,

“The Devil does not exist. It is a false name invented by the Black Brothers to imply a Unity in their ignorant muddle of dispersions… ‘The Devil’ is, historically, the God of any people that one personally dislikes… This ‘Devil’ is called Satan or Shaitan, and regarded with horror by people who are ignorant of his formula, and, imagining themselves to be evil, accuse Nature herself of their own phantasmal crime.

Satan is Saturn, Set, Abrasax, Adad, Adonis, Attis, Adam, Adonai, etc.

The most serious charge against him is only that he is the Sun in the South. The Ancient Initiates, dwelling as they did in land whose blood was the water of the Nile or the Euphrates, connected the South with life-withering heat, and cursed the quarter when the solar darts were deadliest…

But to us, aware of the astronomical facts, this antagonism to the South is a silly superstition which the accidents of their local conditions suggested to our animistic ancestors.”

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