Ashtar, on the other hand, is more suspect. He is frequently mentioned in the UFO literature.

Early contactee George Van Tassel mentions him in 1952 as,

“Ashtar, commandant of station Schare” and a very powerful ruler.

Van Tassel’s Giant Rock conventions became the fountainhead of the entire contemporary New Age movement. Van Tassel’s trance channel group, in fact, included advanced students of Parmahansa Yogananda’s Yogic Philosophy.

UFOlogist Bryant Reeves told his wife Helen that Van Tassel,

“reminds me of a veritable modern ‘John the Baptist’ crying in the wilderness, ‘Prepare ye for a new cosmic age’.”

The occult literature has always considered ASHTAR, or Astaroth, a fallen angel, that is, a malevolent demon.

The Lemegeton (the Lesser Key of Solomon, or Book of Evil Spirits) tells us that Ashtar,

“discourses willingly on the Fall but pretends that he himself was exempt from their lapse”.

This sounds suspiciously like what ASHTAR was doing with Trevor Constable, and other contactees, particularly in America.

Interestingly also, The True Key of Solomon (Grimorium Verum, dated 1517 and allegedly translated from an earlier Hebrew source) tells us that ASHTAR migrated to America, presumably around the time of Columbus.

So, when ASHTAR SHERAN (= “FINGERS & TOES”) tells us to watch out for the “Satanic” ERANUS (= SUN ERA or SOLAR DISC), watch out for Ashtar. Constable, be it noted, has come to have a more wary view of his early communications experiences, for which he has our admiration.

The More Angelic side is represented here too.

METATRON, the classical angelic being said to be the ascended Patriarch Enoch and the “original man in black” who wrestled all night with Jacob in The Book of Genesis and gave him the name “Israel” has the value of 128 in NAEQ6, that of SPACE SHIP, TWO FOLD NAME (Enoch-Metatron; Jacob-Israel) and NEW AGE KEY.

TIME Magazine for December 27, 1993 features a cover story on “The New Age of Angels”. It offers a remarkably uncritical account of the New Age Angel Fad, which seems to have replaced dolphins, crystals, unicorns and fairies, all so trendy in the ‘80s.

Some of the accounts resemble the encounters with Men in Black in UFO lore or the ‘black man’ of medieval demonology, the major difference, as one expects from the New Age perspective, being that these visitors are taken to be benevolent in nature,

In the Summer of 1977 Ann and Gary Cannady were visited at a time of extreme stress in their lives. Ann had been diagnosed as having advanced uterine cancer, and was three days away from major surgery. Gary’s first wife had died of the same disease, and Ann’s diagnosis had been confirmed by repeated tests. The doorbell rang, and Gary answered.

Standing on the step was a large man, a good inch taller than her 6-ft. 5-in. husband.

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