Aztec carvings and egyptian hieroglyphs

Many people know about the crash in New Mexico and how the US government is still trying to cover it up by blaming it on different “scientific” reasons, but many of us know that those are just pure lies.

What a lot of people don’t know is that the Aztec people experienced a similar situation during the height of their empire.

Researchers have found a tablet with carvings on it suggesting that our ancestors met with aliens.

Did these aliens have some sort of purpose or reason for this visit? Were they interested in the development of our planet? Did they help the Aztecs in building their empire?

There are many questions that have yet been answered about this tablet, but one thing we know for sure, is that they have been here, and our ancestor had contact with them.

Many scientists and historians are searching for more evidence to try and understand what the real purpose of these alien visits were. We know that they visited other civilizations before and after the Aztecs. One example is during the Egyptian rule in northern Africa. On hieroglyphs (above) are depicted pictures of flying machines like helicopters and airplanes.
This might suggest that Aliens are time-travelers, supplying information about the future to the past inhabitants of the Earth. In the picture below we can see images that look like a helicopter, an airplane and a flying saucer of some kind.

What if extraterrestrials have been helping us all along throughout history and helped us with the development of our technology?

These findings on the hieroglyphs and the Aztec tablets give us the proof we need to further investigate our history and what the Aztecs and Egyptians discussed with these aliens.

Ragnar Larsen