Before the Boston Bombing


On the 23rd day of April in 2011, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was interviewed by the FBI, this interview was requested by the Russians who were concerned about Tamerlan’s ties to the Islamic State.

2 years later, Tamerlan would become the infamous 2013 Boston bomber. Alongside his brother, Dzhokhar, they blew up two homemade pressure-cooker bombs near the finish line at the marathon.

With 300 people nearly injured and 3 killed. The subsequent manhunt led authorities to the Tsarnaev brothers, as they went on the run after knowing that the authorities were on their trail. Tamerlan was killed by his brother after he panicked and ran him over with his car. Dzhokhar was later shot and captured while hiding inside a boat.

The FBO admitted that they have interviewed Tamerlan, The young man said he was approached by four well-dressed men, who spoke without any accents, and identified themselves as FBI agents. They told him they wanted to talk with him and said they’d be back the following day to speak with him but never returned. They offered no business cards nor any contact information. Tamerlan must have thought it strange, and the FBI did not acknowledge they were real FBI agents during the interview.

On the interview the FBI asked Tamerlan a series of questions related to his daily activities, some of these questions were on his CheChen heritage, and his presence in the U.S., he said that he had several “Russian” friends who are living in the United States.

He then described his boxing activities, saying he’d hoped to be able to box for the U.S. National Team someday. When asked if he’d ever consider joining the military he said he preferred to train to be a professional boxer.

Tsarnaev, a Muslim, was asked about his activities at the local Mosque. He said he attended the Mosque on Fridays for prayers, along with a few of his friends from high school, but admitted he knew few people at the mosque.

He said he knew of Islamic extremist information on the internet but said he never frequented such sites. The FBI asked Tamerlan about other religions and he responded by saying he had respect for all religions and that being a part of one makes one’s life better.

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