Bizarre Creature Found Nearby A Backyard In Australia

One veterinarian in Australia had been enjoying her day off when she spotted something on her property that left her speechless. When you see it, you’ll understand why she was so positively flummoxed…

Maria Lombard of Australia was walking to her mailbox when she made this impressive find. Although Maria is a trained and licensed veterinarian, she was completely stumped when it came to identifying the skeletal remains she found on her driveway.

As a veterinarian, Maria assumed that she was more than qualified to identify the mystery creature… but even she had to admit that she was truly baffled. The best she could do was document her find, taking many photographs of this strange discovery.

Once that was done, Maria took action! She uploaded all of the photographs she’d taken. Then she sent those photos, including this close-up of its skull, to marine biologists, looking for answers and hoping they could explain this strange find. And boy, did the good people of the internet have the answer! Here’s what they had to say…

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Ragnar Larsen