Bizarre Creature Found Nearby A Backyard In Australia

Initially, it seemed like the marine biologists were stuck… but they eventually determined that this was no mysterious water dragon. It was likely the remains of a smooth skate, a sea creature that is native to Australia’s waters.

Smooth Skate, Malacoraja senta. Liberated from by-catch. Georges Bank, Rhode Island, North Atlantic Ocean.

Sea skates are a type of cartilaginous fish, meaning that it is characterized by its cartilage. There are more than 20 different types of sea skates that live in Australia’s waters. The smooth skate is just one of them!

This is the skeleton of a juvenile smooth skate. It may look very different from what Maria found in her driveway, but that’s because that particular skeleton was most likely damaged during the fish’s time in the water, as well as in the process of winding up in her driveway.

By the time this smooth skate skeleton wound up in her driveway, it barely looked like itself! That said, if you know what to look for and you closely compare the head (as photographed below) with the skeleton above, the similarities are impossible to ignore.

The damaged condition of this smooth skate meant that researchers and scientists all over the world were temporarily flummoxed by its discovery. It was such a unique find they couldn’t stop themselves from sharing it.

The smooth skate is a really unique-looking member of the skate family. It skeletal remains seem so incredibly different from its living form to begin with, that it’s no small wonder that they had such a difficult time identifying the damaged remains.

It might not be a mythical creature, but that doesn’t make it any less cool! How did it find its way into her front yard? Well, that will probably remain a mystery.

Source: Honest 2 Paws

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