Can We Escape To A Parallel Universe?

Scientists say there are two possible futures of the universe. The first is that the universe will eventually collapse in on itself in the reverse of the Big Bang . This process is called the “Big Crunch.” Another option is that our Universe will end in a “Big Freeze”, which is also known as the Heat Death.

Most astronomers and other scientists believe that our Universe will one day end in a “big freeze”. Does it mean it is the end of everything?

Unlike many physicists, Dr. Michi Kaku thinks we might be able to avoid this fate by slipping into a parallel universe “in the same way that Alice entered the looking glass to enter Wonderland.”

We have previously reported that astronomers have found the first evidence of parallel universes. So, perhaps the idea that we can escape from our own Universe and enter another reality is not so far-fetched after all.


One way of studying the expansion of the Universe is to examine the Doppler shift, explains Dr. Kaku in his video.
He says that “when we look in the heavens, we look at starlight emitted from distant galaxies and we find that the light is slightly reddish. Redder than it’s supposed to be. That means that these objects, the gigantic galaxies are moving away from us and therefore the universe is expanding.

Well, we could run the video tape backwards, and by running the video tape backwards we could then calculate when all these galaxies came from a single point. And that’s how we calculate the age of the universe, by simply hitting the rewind button when we calculate the expansion of the universe.

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Ragnar Larsen

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