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    Another mass graveyard of extraterrestrials

    Another mass graveyard of extraterrestrials was found… In Central Africa, scientists found what seems to be a cemetery of extraterrestrial “aliens” buried at least 500 years ago! “There are at least 200 bodies in the graves. Surprisingly, they are very well preserved. Now we are trying to find out where they came from were they […] More

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    Dinosaurs In The Age Of Man

    This article by Dr. Velikovsky appeared in the KRONOS Journal in about 1978 Dinosaurs were found in the Laramie basin in Wyoming together with land plants “remarkably modern in their aspect”; these land plants bespoke a much more recent age than the Age of Reptiles, which, it is assumed, came to its end about 70 […] More

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    A Creature of the Mind

    Alexandra David-Neel was born Louise Eugenie Alexandrine Marie David in France in October 1868, and was the first woman to gain the title of a Tibetan lama. A committed Buddhist who lived to the highly impressive age of one hundred years, she was a noted traveler, and someone who had a deep passion and love for […] More

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    The body of King Anunnaki for 12,000 years completely intact

    This discovery is done completely by chance in the spring of 2008, and if we know happened is no doubt thanks to the Russian media, and television premsa. This occurs in Kurdistan, Iran, a country rather closed to the world, at least in the Western world, but it has good relations with Russia. Although hidden […] More

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    Space Alien Worked for U.S. Government

    His name is Valiant Thor; he looks human, but he has some key physiological differences. He is from Venus. He worked for the U.S. government for some time in the 1950s before leaving in his spaceship. This is the story told by the late Phil Schneider, a geologist and engineer who said he had level-1 […] More

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    Ice Age every 100,000 years?

    Experts from Cardiff University have offered up an explanation as to why our planet began to move in and out of ice ages every 100,000 years. This mysterious phenomena, dubbed the ‘100,000 year problem’, has been occurring for the past million years or so and leads to vast ice sheets covering North America, Europe and […] More

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    Halloween History & Origin

    Halloween History & Origin Halloween is the one of the oldest holidays still celebrated today. It’s one of the most popular holidays, second only to Christmas. While millions of people celebrate Halloween without knowing its origins and myths, the history and facts of Halloween make the holiday more fascinating. Some people view Halloween as a […] More

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    Wildmen of The Himalayas

    Writings of British officials residing in the Himalayan region of the Indian subcontinent during the nineteenth century contain sporadic references to sightings and footprints of wildmen called Yeti. The Yeti were first mentioned by B. H. Hodgson, who from 1820 to 1843 served as British resident at the Nepalese court. Hodgson reported that in the course of a journey […] More

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    The Landing Place

    “The greatest Roman temple ruins lie not in Rome, but in the mountains of Lebanon. “….Emperors and generals came to it in search of oracles, to find out their fate. Roman legionnaires sought to be billeted near it; the devout and the curious went to see it with their own eyes: it was one of […] More

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    Forging The Pharaoh’s Name

    “Forgery as a means to fame and fortune is not uncommon in commerce and the arts, in science and antiquities. When exposed, it may cause loss and shame. When sustained, it may change the records of history. “This, we believe, has happened to the Great Pyramid and its presumed builder, the Pharaoh named Khufu. “Systematic and disciplined archaeological […] More

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    A Ghost in Brooklyn

    A cold darkness permeated Brooklyn’s east side one night in 1894. Under a bright moonlight, the cobblestone streets glistened as a thick fog poured over them. A fog that made its way down the hills surrounding Brooklyn’s Ward 27. An area surrounded by cemeteries that were almost as old as the dark, wet dirt that fills them. On […] More

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    UFO in the secret archives of the KGB of the USSR (Video)

    According to information from Russia knows about extraterrestrial civilizations over several decades, so for many it is not surprising that such rumors are circulating for many years. Russia’s first contact with the gray aliens allegedly occurred in 1942. At that time, were planned series of diplomatic visits to discuss issues of mutual interest – by […] More

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