Chemtrail Pilot’s Jaw-Dropping Confession


The chemtrail issue is a sensitive subject. While the existence of chemtrails is vehemently denied by the authorities, many conspiracy theorists say otherwise. They believe chemical and biological agents are being deliberately sprayed for unknown yet surely sinister reasons.

In a recent series of emails, an anonymous US military pilot made a series of shocking allegations. The pilot claimed to be part of the ongoing aerosol spraying missions and while there’s no way to confirm the authenticity of his statements, they are disquieting, to say the least.

The pilot revealed that this operation is part of a global engineering project called Indigo Skyfold. He and his fellow airmen act on a need-to-know basis and follow orders blindly if they want to avoid contract termination. The flight routes they follow are predetermined and the aerosol disposal is controlled by satellite. He says crews are rotated constantly and only spend a few months at one given base. This is done in order to keep them from making friends and acquaintances too which they could divulge secrets regarding their mission.

The only info the pilots are given is that “it’s a matter of National Security.” Even if they disagree with their mission, they must obey orders.

The pilot said that nearly a third of all aerosol flights are coordinated from small unnamed islands. He added that new island bases are being constructed at a rate of eight per year. The bases often include various HAARP arrays on land as well as underwater. In his opinion, Google Earth searches will reveal nothing as the images are intentionally blurred or smudged to hide secret activity.

If his confession is true, this is a grim situation indeed. Could we all be at risk due to malevolent governments and brainwashed soldiers’ blind obedience? At the moment, the answer is as blurry as those unnamed islands.


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