Childhood Alien Abduction Stories


While many people scoff at the possible reliability of childhood alien abduction stories there are many reasons why¬†parents need to listen to their kids’ stories. In addition to the potential of a real alien abduction experience, childhood alien abduction stories and symptoms of alien abductions can actually be signs that something else is seriously wrong.

For example, alien abduction stories often can be linked to sleeping disorders and other traumatic experiences. In order to figure out the root of the alien abduction story you need to observe your child and really listen to what they are saying. The first thing that parents need to determine is if the alien abduction syndrome symptoms are related to an earth bound traumatic experience.

For example, the child may have witnessed something that was so disturbing that they could only process it as a fantasy story about aliens.

The child may have also experienced physical, emotional or sexual abuse at the hands of a friend, family member or stranger and the alien abduction syndrome symptoms that you are noticing are actually symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

To examine these possibilities you need to start tracking the symptoms that your child has and start recording the stories that they are telling. This can be done by keeping a journal or by video taping your child. You will also want to make notes about any physical anomalies and behavior changes that your child exhibits. If you notice suspicious injuries, sleep disturbances and radical behavior changes, or if you notice that they are having sudden and violent aversions to certain situations, locations or people, then you need to take them to a doctor for evaluation of possible abuse.

Sleep Disorders vs. Alien Abduction.

The second possibility that childhood alien abduction stories could indicate is a sleep disorder. There are many sleep disorders that can lead a child to think that they are being visited by aliens. One of the most common disorder is called sleep paralysis. This disorder is triggered by sudden changes in blood pressure and various biological events that impact the brain’s chemistry that regulates sleep. When an incident of sleep paralysis occurs the person falls into a REM sessions, however, instead of being unconscious, the brain is semi-conscious. This means that the person has no idea if they are asleep or awake as they can process both real stimuli and imagined stimuli from their dreaming mind. This creates terrifying scenarios where hallucinations are projected into the room where the person is sleeping and they interact with the person, however, that person is paralyzed and cannot move their major muscle groups or speak. The best way to determine if this is the root cause of the childhood alien abduction stories is to monitor your child when they are asleep. You can set up a camera in their room that has night vision. This will show you how much they move during the night, if they walk in their sleep and if they talk in their sleep. If you notice that your child is sleeping with their eyes open on the nights when they have their alien abduction experiences, then chances are they have sleep paralysis. If you suspect this then you do need to talk with your child’s pediatrician as sleep paralysis can be a side effect of more serious problems like sleep apnea and low blood pressure.


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