Did Mammoths and other creatures help build the Pyramids?

Considering that there are no real proof that the Pyramids around the world were constructed or built in the ancient years. The pyramids of Giza could be 10 000 years old. Is it possible that Mammoths or other prehistoric creatures were forced into helping with the construction or maybe contacted aliens to help them? There was a movie, called 10 000 B.C, showing that Mammoths along with slaves were used to build the pyramids. It was interesting to see this interpretation/theory that they needed great help from animals or some other creatures!!

Many, especially in the USA, believe there are space creatures who came from Mars and built the Pyramids. This is not scientific at all. The theories even feature in a show broadcast and produced by America’s History channel, titled “Ancient Aliens.”

If you look into temples you can find carvings and paintings/pictures of dinosaurs. Fossils weren’t discovered until the 1800’s. Could dinosaurs or other prehistoric creatures have been tamed to help the ancient Egyptians build these monuments?

The same temple shows a giant ground sloth or giant cave bear in another carving. By doing some research years ago I found that there was a small version of a mammoth around in the years around 10 000 B.C. What if these great civilizations domesticated these Cenozoic beasts like late mammoths, ground sloths, giant bears.

What do you think about that did the Egyptians used pre-historic animals to build? Tell us what u think!

Karl Gustav