Did the sphinx have a “Twin sister”?

The theory that the Great Sphinx of Giza may have had a twin was put forward
by historians, Gerry Cannon and Malcolm Hutton.

Working together with Egyptologist Bassam el-Shammaa, Cannon and
Hutton are convinced there was once a second sphinx and they think they have
evidence that can prove its existence.

The second sphinx was a female and the statue “disappeared” under
unexplained circumstances. Cannon claims, however, that he managed to find
the trail of the lost statue, analyzing the construction of the area around the
Buried for thousands of years, the second sphinx is located on a second mound
alongside the male sphinx, standing guard in front of one of the Great Pyramids.

The historians’ research pointed to the fact that any sphinx had to have been carved out of natural rock and long before sand covered the area.
This means the statues must have been carved when the area had a much warmer and fertile climate. In ancient times, some thousand years ago, this vast area was fertile grassland.
Then something happened and the Green Sahara turned into a desert. Today there is enough evidence to show that the Sahara desert once had a grassland ecosystem and was a much more tropical place than it is today. The Great Sphinx and its companion must have been built during this time.

Source: ancientpages.com

Ragnar Larsen