Disturbing Video of UFO flotilla caught on Video


A disturbing video has caused havoc on the internet. In the footage, a flotilla of mysterious lights can be seen descending from the sky and suddenly dividing into multiple unidentified flying objects with flashing lights, floating in the air as people observed the sky in amazement.

After watching the bizarre footage, many people have claimed that we are looking at the beginning of an Alien invasion, Independence Day Reloaded, just that this time, there are no special effects, no Hollywood and no fat lady sinking.


In the video footage we see a huge bright light descending from the sky and a few seconds later, the mysterious lights splits into dozens of ‘miniature’ orbs. Ultimate evidence of extraterrestrial beings? Many people believe that this footage is one of the best pieces of recorded evidence that intelligent Alien beings exist elsewhere in the cosmos.

But what if these aren’t Alien UFO’s? What if we are looking at some kind of strange weather phenomena?  Or maybe swamp gas as some users wrote on YouTube?

Well, it might not be swamp gas, but at this time we cannot exclude the possibility of some sort of military technology being tested.

What do you think? Are we looking at Alien beings visiting Earth? Or is it possible there is another more plausible explanation?

The video footage has over 200,000 views on YouTube.

Dozens of voices can be heard shouting and screaming in panic as one woman cries: “That’s f****** scary.

“This is for real. Oh my God.”

She adds: “This isn’t funny. You should be scared.”

Comments on social networks flooded the video posted on YouTube.

“These are just our brothers and sisters from out there. Showing us that they are here and helping us”.

“They’ve been here since the beginning. It’s not the end of the world, it’s the beginning of a new awakening.”


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