Does The Alien Sleep?

The “Elder” aliens was described that they don’t sleep like us human, they use a wireless, or some sort of technology that renews their energy, avoiding the need for sleep. Numerous aliens got the same ability as well.

A researcher once said “Verdants

“They consider sleep is a waste of time. Through technology they eliminate the need for sleep millions of years earlier.”

Verdants do rest, although they do rest at intervals. 

There are differences between humans who sleep and aliens who don’t. Imagine how it would be to go without dreams, without the attitude and that occurs during a sleep. So “Elder” aliens say that they rest for an hour each day, they don’t slip from waking consciousness.

In our sleep (humans) Because we sleep, part of our awareness may be extra-dimensioned in ways that we don’t consciously recall, due to the fact that we slip into extremely low frequency brain wavelengths (ELF) during sleep.

The E.L.F. frequencies can penetrate solid objects; it’s possible that we merge within a psychic commonality when we sleep. In that case, sleep may provide a sentient reality check. Deep sleep allows us to start each day with a renewed sense of possibility, sleep makes us forget subjects that aliens might not want to put out of mind. 

Alien life without sleep seems strange—an uninterrupted continuous present without rejuvenation.  The aliens may have suggested that humans tend to end important thoughts and internalize unresolved conflicts during sleep, while aliens are forced to come to terms with similar thoughts. Aliens may think that fear and illusion in dreams pose obstacles to clear-headed understanding and humility. 

Scientists and researchers stated this many times, as though it’s their intention for us and is a requisite part of their strategy. 

If we want to eliminate the need for sleep, we may have to research finer, micro-scale uses of electro-gravity. Scientists say the food energy that keeps us going spins a tiny “rotor,” of sorts, on an ATP molecule in our cells. If we were to use carefully adjusted pulses of electro-gravity to spin the ATP rotor, we might not have to eat.

This might also allow us to forego sleep cycles.

However, in order to do so, we might have to introduce genes that boost our resistance to the high-energy fields associated with electro-gravity and magneto-gravity. Do you think aliens get some rest as we do? Are they powerful than a machine? … even machines needs to rest so it can do the work ….

Ragnar Larsen