Ex-Air Force Officer Says Two UFOs Crashed At Roswell

The Roswell Incident is undoubtedly the most influential UFO event. The official version goes something like this: in the summer of 1947 something crashed on a ranch 30 miles north of Roswell, New Mexico. The first press release was issued by public information officer Walter Haut on July 8, 1947. He stated that a “flying disk” had been recovered by military personnel.

All subsequent public statements denied this information, saying that the object was in fact a weather balloon. The US Military later revealed that the balloon was part of a top-secret operation destined to detect Soviet nuclear testing.

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There are several inconsistencies in this story and numerous conspiracy theories revolve around the Roswell crash. Most of them dismiss the possibility of a balloon wreckage because of its relatively small size. The initial wreckage was scattered across a large area. Over the years, multiple eyewitness reports have surfaced, confirming this. Some of them mention exotic materials among the wreckage, as well as hieroglyphic markings on said materials. Quite a few of them mention the presence of bodies and detail the sense of urgency with which the military operations happened.

The vast majority of theories related to this incident explore the possibility of one crash occurring at Roswell but recently, an ex-Air Force official and UFO debunker claimed there wasn’t just one, but two of them happened in a few days’ interval.

Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Richard French served more than 27 years in the military and participated in the famous Project Blue Book as an investigator and debunker. His duties involved collecting testimonies from people who had witnessed UFOs or alien phenomena and then shoot down their claims with rational explanations that were sometimes borderline offensive to the witnesses’ intelligence.

French was familiar with the procedure and well aware of the risk of something like the UFO phenomenon being confirmed by the military. According to him, they had to dismiss any and all alien theories in order to prevent a global event with catastrophic consequences. The fact that unknown creatures existed elsewhere in the universe and they had the ability to freely move around Earth would have destroyed the structure of religion. The military’s inability to manage this situation would have made them look helpless and the crisis would have further escalated.


According to French, the first flying object that crashed at Roswell was an alien spacecraft brought down by an experimental US airplane. It was shot and rendered uncontrollable by an electromagnetic pulse weapon. A few days later, a second UFO presumably came looking for survivors and was shot down using the same weapon. He claims to have browsed through folders of pictures and reports regarding the incidents.

French says he decided to come forward because the UFO cover-up operations have clearly gotten out of hand. He has faced strong opposition and the US Military discredits him and denies his allegations.

Why would an elderly ex-official forego almost three decades of service and come forward with such a statement? Some choose to discredit him and blame old age and a longing for celebrity. Others know better.

Regardless of the number of spacecraft crashed at Roswell, one thing is certain: something did happen there in 1947 and great efforts have been made to sweep it and keep it under the rug.

Ragnar Larsen

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