Ex-NASA Employee Claims She Saw Men Walking on Mars


The most recent development in the Mars conspiracy phenomenon comes from Jackie, a woman claiming to be a former NASA employee. Last month, Jackie called an American radio station Coast to Coast AM, saying she could provide information regarding the secret manned missions to Mars.

According to her claim, she was part of a ‘downstairs’ team working on the processing of images sent back by the Viking Lander in 1979, when she saw two men in space suits near the probe. Jackie said six of her coworkers also witnessed the strange event and could corroborate her story had they not been coerced into silence.

She said the space suits worn by the two men did not resemble the bulky ones we all know but they looked protective nonetheless. Intrigued by what they saw, Jackie and her colleagues ran upstairs to get some answers but were met with locked doors. She claims the current martian missions are nothing but a hoax, serving as a front for manned missions that have been taking place on the red planet since 1968.

Her claims are hard to verify due to the fact that she chose to remain anonymous and so far, NASA officials have dismissed her statement.

Ragnar Larsen

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